Glow on the Go:

Portable Lamps

Lightweight and rechargeable, portable lamps have evolved in bounds since the birth of the primitive torch. Yet one thing hasn’t changed: the innate human desire to create a cozy atmosphere anywhere. Today’s portable lights are undeniably sophisticated. Many are LED dimmable, allowing for flexibility to create the perfect ambience, while others play music or are conveniently USB rechargeable. Whether illuminating picnics, patios, or outdoor téta-a-tétés, these design-driven portable lamps are sure to add a soft glow to any occasion.

Jardin de Cristal Jallum

from Baccarat

Leave it to the French crystal maker Baccarat to infuse a rechargeable lamp with classic elegance. The Jardin de Cristal Jallum is ideal for intimate soirées, yet highly functional. The Yann Kersalé-designed piece is made up of four light sticks that can be individually switched on and off or charged. A sleek white or black lacquer box acts as a docking station, ensuring that each luminous cylinder is ready to shine when needed.

Baccarat Jardin de Cristal Jallum Table Lamp LightForm Blog

Baccarat Jardin de Cristal Jallum Table Lamp LightForm Blog

These nifty rechargeable lights double as fantastic decorative pieces on any surface.



from Terzani

With hand-soldered “petals”, the Orten’zia table lamp is beautiful enough to rival any floral centrepiece. The compact battery-operated luminaire was designed by Bruno Rainaldi to exude a dramatic play of light and shadows. Available in either a nickel or gold-plated finish, Terzani‘s portable lighting solution brings an organic touch to evening gatherings.

Orten'zia Table Lamp LightForm Blog

An organic radiance is created through light and shadow, planting a garden within the room.


Bon Jour Unplugged

from Flos

The chameleon of cordless lamps, Bon Jour Unplugged moves with its user and can be “dressed up” to suit any environment. This smaller version of the Bon Jour table lamp by designer Phillipe Starck for Flos can be customized using crowns available in a variety colours and material. Recharging is effortless via a microUSB connector in the base, allowing for up to six hours of mobile illumination.

Flos Bon Jour Unplugged Table Lamp Lightform Blog

Flos Bon Jour Unplugged Table Lamp Lightform Blog

“Bon Jour is a consistent collection of light, exploring the timeless elegance of high-technology dematerialization combined with the freedom of expression your own creativity.” – Phillipe Starck


Clizia Fume Battery Table

from SLAMP

Deep conversations tend to arise when the Clizia Fume Battery Table lamp is there to set the scene. After all, the fixture’s botanical-inspired shapes, formed out of SLAMP‘s state-of-the-art Lentiflex and Cristalflex materials, spur imagination. This Adriano Rachele-designed cordless light comes with rechargeable batteries and is glamourous enough to stand alone, but can also be grouped in numbers to form several alluring pools of light.

SLAMP Clizia Fume Battery Table Lamp LightForm Blog

SLAMP Clizia Fume Battery Table Lamp LightForm Blog

The Clizia Fume Battery Lamp has a striking floral look ideal for adding a romantic touch to residential and hospitality settings alike.


Dove?? Torch Light

from Davide Groppi

Named after the Italian word for “where”, the Dove?? Torch Light transforms the ordinary flashlight into a coveted designer piece – perfect for cottage-goers or campers. Minimalistic yet cheeky, this battery-powered torch is as functional as it is hip. Its nostalgic charm lies in its form, which combines a black cylinder handle with a shatter-resistant globe to mimic the shape of a light bulb.

Davide Groppi Dove?? Torch Light LightForm Blog

Davide Groppi Dove?? Torch Light LightForm Blog

The durable Dove?? Torch Light illuminates dark spaces in style.


Light My Fire

from Davide Groppi

Uniting the contours of the classic Edison bulb with the serenity of candlelight, Light My Fire offers illumination in its purest form. Spanish designer Omar Carraglia eschewed cords, electricity, and batteries when creating this classic number. Instead, he opted for the simplicity of a candlewick’s flame housed inside an elegant lantern.

Davide Groppi Light My Fire Candle LightForm Blog

With a gentle look that combines intimate lighting and an innovative vision, the Omar Carraglia-designed Light My Fire brings passion and simplicity to domestic spaces.


PoPuP Orchestra Table

from Davide Groppi

The beauty of light, sound, and portability are combined in Davide Groppi‘s PoPuP Orchestra, an eye-pleasing LED table lamp with a built-in audio speaker. The magnetic base, complete with a battery charger, allows users to attach the light to metallic surfaces. Music is played via a router that can be synchronized with multiple PoPuP Orchestra lamps for a surround-sound experience.

Davide Groppi PoPuP Orchestra Table Light LightForm Blog

The innovative design of the PoPuP Orchestra Table Lamp makes it a wonderful accent in the home that doubles as a unique conversation-starter during social gatherings.


Profumo D’Estate

from Davide Groppi

Inspired by the storybook image of a firefly in a jar, Profumo D’Estate embodies the childlike enchantment with summer. Naturally, this battery-powered lamp is a perfect match for outdoor picnics or dinners. Its dreamlike quality is communicated through a touch-switch and dainty LED, which radiates like the first sign of summer.

Davide Groppi Profumo D'Estate LightForm Blog

Davide Groppi Profumo D'Estate Outdoor Light LightForm Blog

Bringing a nostalgic element to outdoor spaces, the amusing Profumo D’Estate is great for setting a scene.


Tetatet Table

from Davide Groppi

Projecting a soft ambient glow, the Tetatet table lamp is a powerful atmosphere-builder. This portable light features a magnetic base and rechargeable lithium battery, allowing it to be fixed in place or carried to new destinations. The Flûte model, another version of the Tetatet lamp, offers a translucent support column, creating the magical illusion of a floating light source.

Davide Groppi Tetatet Portable Table Light LightForm Blog

Davide Groppi Tetatet Flûte Portable Table Light LightForm Blog

Light and modern in its eye-catching design, the Tetatet Table lamp exemplifies luxury.

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