Fun, witty, and quirky with a penchant for rebellion – these four characteristics perfectly capture the high-spirited personality of innermost, an acclaimed British furniture and lighting brand. Their latest New Essentials Collection is a true testament to the brand’s diverse tastes and commitment to quality – all with a cheeky, non-conformist attitude.

The collection offers a minimalistic range of lamps in pure, unadulterated forms, with a focus on the simple materials that they are crafted from. Blown glass, stainless steel, and aluminum accents in classic silhouettes make these lights well-suited for any environment – in clusters, rows, or even by their lonesome. They are featured in some of the world’s most unique hospitality spaces, high-end residences, retail designs, and workplaces.

The New Essentials Collection was recently unveiled this spring at ICFF in New York, alongside innermost’s latest lighting and furniture collections. Here’s a closer glimpse into this new and vibrant product line:

CORE, by innermost


Inspired by the traditional technique of glassblowing, CORE resembles a parison of molten glass, fresh from the furnace with its form gently shaped by gravity’s pull. Crafted from a stunning combination of glass and aluminum, these pendants are available in clear or smoke with a choice of two diameter options (20cm and 15cm). These lights also accommodate dimmable, energy-efficient LED bulbs, which offer greater control over lighting levels and room ambiance.

Pomelo, by Stone Designs


Curvy and vivacious, yet deliberately subtle, Pomelo offers a quiet diffusion of ambient light with its white opal glass. The stately and voluptuous sculptural design is simple and elegant enough to create pure atmosphere in any space. Measuring in at 24cm high by 19cm in diameter, this pendant is well suited for stand-alone applications or in clusters and rows for greater impact.

Jelly, by Stone Designs


Fun, youthful, vivid, and whimsical, these transparent hand-blown glass shades are a sweet treat for the eyes. With four bold colours to choose from – red, blue, yellow, and grey – across two size offerings (17cm high x 24cm in diameter or 20cm high x 22cm in diameter), this collection truly comes alive when mixed and matched together in a lively bouquet. These lamps can also accommodate dimmable, energy-efficient LED bulbs for greater customization of lighting control and mood.

Drop, by innermost


Reminiscent of the mid-century era, Drop is a white frosted glass globe with a powder coated stainless steel cap that offers timeless, contemporary design with a modern aesthetic. This light is best used with an LED globe bulb for the ultimate in energy-efficiency and glow. Measuring in at 20cm in diameter, Drop is an ideal choice for stand-alone applications or in clusters at varying heights for greater interest. It drifts effortlessly in mid-air, delivering classic character to any space.

Boule, by innermost


Boule pays homage to innermost’s best-seller Beads, but in a singular format that offers stunning impact with one ‘boule’, or ball. Crafted from stainless steel for a classic finish, this LED light is available in four reflective colours – copper, black, white, and chrome. The result is a single, striking form that, when lit, provides a warm glow to any application or space. The 13cm high by 12cm diameter silhouette is perfect for staggered rows, clusters, or as an accent in neatly spaced positions.


From their humble beginning in an old lighting factory in Wembley, North London, to their global acclaim in the design world today, innermost’s founders Steve Jones and Russell Cameron continue to embrace the vivid diversity that their brand was built upon.

Their latest collection is a shining example that simple silhouettes and honest materials can have stunning and impactful results on both small and large scale projects. Sold at accessible price points, these well-constructed lighting pieces offer designers many possibilities with a variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and groupings.

The New Essentials Collection by innermost is now available in LightForm showrooms across Canada. Come and experience these lights in person, or feel free to connect with us for help with your next lighting project.