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Marset: Taking Care of Light

Marset 2017 Still Life LightForm blog

For us Marset has always ‘taken care of light’ because they take care of the details. Shaped and molded by the careful hands of craftsmen, their luminaires invite us to reach out and touch them. We delight in their textures and layers, in their shapes and colours. They are fun to touch and move. We can take them with us to the park, to the garden party, to our favourite armchair. We can move and adjust them to find the perfect cast of light. And through use over time, they become true luminary companions.

Recently unveiled in Milan this Spring, Marset’s latest lighting collection has already gathered an impressive roster of awards. But we’re not surprised. We just can’t wait to welcome them to our lives. Here’s an introduction to Marset’s new 2017 lighting collection.

Bicoca: The Independent Light

Marset Bicoca Table Lamp Still Life LightForm blog
Designed by Christophe Mathieu

Winner of the #MetropolisLikes Award, the Bicoca is born with the optimism of brightening life and accompanying the good times, wherever you go. This new colourful, lightweight, and portable lamp projects an intimate light that adds warmth to all your personal spaces.

Made of polycarbonate, Bicoca begins with an overlay of basic geometric figures, with a tiltable shade to direct the light.

The Bicoca can be draped over your favourite armchair

A powerful magnet in the fixture’s base lets you affix it to metal surfaces, defying gravity. An additional accessory allows it to attach to a sofa (see above) or the head of a bed to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

Marset Bicoca Table Lamp Ambience LightForm blog
Marset’s Bicoca comes in a variety of warm, playful colours

The wide range of shade colours provide an option for any taste and any space. Bicoca is small, manageable, versatile and autonomous. Bicoca will be available this Fall in North American. Stay connected with us to find out when.

Copérnica: The Weightless Light

Marset Copernica Still Life LightForm blogDesigned by Ramírez i Carrillo

With no more than fingertips, one can achieve a feeling of weightlessness with the Copérnica lamp. As if levitating, it moves through space effortlessly, without friction or resistance.

Marset Copernica Table Lamp LightForm blog
Marset’s new Copérnica is ideal for home offices and libraries

Circles, semicircles, tubes, and bars of different diameters, materials, and weights. With the combination of these primary elements the Copérnica collection constructs geometric sculptures of light, establishing an intimate relationship with space and combining functionality with the beauty of pure lines.

The collection consists of desktop and standing versions that play with counterweights of mixed materials and density, such as steel and aluminum. This design allows you to move the lamp with great precision, providing a wide range of heights, distances, and adjustments to the beam of light to suit your taste.

Marset Copernica Floor Lamp LightForm blog
Elegant geometry: Copérnica’s pleasing shape is also highly versatile

Copérnica draws minimalist sculptures in space, as if it were a canvas, and the carefully selected colours add soft chromatic touches to the ensemble. Copernica won a HiP Lighting Award at NeoCon. Available this winter.


Marset Djembe Ceiling Light LightForm blogDesigned by Joan Gaspar

Like the echo of a drum, the Djembé collection is designed for repetition, creating musical compositions of light. A bell-shaped ceiling fixture with an exposed interior, Djembé is available in numerous sizes and bright, airy colours that can be used individually or combined to create a brilliant statement piece.

Marset Djembe Suspension Light LightForm blog
Marset’s new Djembé lights provide illumination without glare

Designer Joan Gaspar employed a rotomolding technique which allowed him to design a fixture with vastly different interiors and exteriors. Its outside recalls the texture of a stone, giving off a perception of great weight, emphasized by its volume. In the spacious interior you’ll find a smooth, white space perfect for the reflection of light. Djembé is a lamp designed for use in public spaces that seeks to bring beauty and an unbeatable quality of light.

Marset Joan Gaspar Djembe Ceiling LightForm blogJoan Gaspar works on prototypes of his new Djembé collection

FollowMe Plus

Marset FollowMe Plus Table Lamp Still Life LightForm blogDesigned by Inma Bermúdez

The FollowMe broke molds and forged a new path in lighting: a beautiful, portable lamp to carry everywhere, a personal object of light and warmth. Three years and many accolades later and Marset is ready to launch a new version, with a larger size and greater light output: the FollowMe Plus.

FollowMe Plus complements its classic predecessor. While the original size is perfect for cozy areas, the Plus reproduces the same warmth and quality of light with greater power. This version stands out for its ability to create entire atmospheres, and is great as a table lamp, desk lamp, or even on the floor.

Marset FollowMe Plus Inma Bermudez LightForm blogInga Sempe in her workshop designing FollowMe Plus

The FollowMe’s oak handle invites you to carry it with you. Both sizes use LED technology and have a tilting polycarbonate screen that offers both cozy atmospheric light and direct reading light. A three-position dimmer regulates the light intensity, allowing for a continuous output of between 5 to 20 hours. Its micro USB charging cable makes charging your FollowMe quick and easy. FollowMe Plus will be available in North America at the end of 2017.

Jaima: Wearing the Light

Marset Jaima family Still Life LightForm blogDesigned by Joan Gaspar

Through the language of textiles, Joan Gaspar has designed a light of flexible, ductile materials that sifts the light as readily as it moves with the wind. In the Jaima lighting collection, the light is the shade and weaver of emotions.

Marset Jaima Floor Light LightForm blog
Joan Gaspar’s new Jaima lighting collection was inspired by Bedouin tents

This new collection takes its name from the Bedouin tents of North Africa, and is inspired by their varied fabrics and forms. The textilene shade is available in three sizes and four different colors, with a blank interior to optimize the quality of the downward light. The shades can be combined with two versatile stands to make various sizes of adjustable, rotating floor lamps; the fixture can also be affixed directly to the floor or wall, and the shades can be hung independently as pendants.

Piola: Wrapping the Light

Marset Piola Suspension Still Life LightForm blogDesigned by Christophe Mathieu

How does one design a light that translates the playfulness of an endlessly spiraling ribbon? The Piola collection is about imitating this fluidity of infinite movement, in search of a balance between the diffusion of light and the creation of shadows.

A central metal column holds more than 5 meters of spiraling, laminated band, enveloping, protecting, and sifting the light for beauty and comfort. Several different types of light coexist here: direct downward light, indirect reflected light, and a light that sneaks between the edges of the spiral, illuminating the fixture itself with a warm, inviting glow.

Marset Piola Suspension Graphite LightForm blog
Christophe Mathieu’s new Piola pendants provide layers of light ideal for dinning rooms

The fixture’s spiraling form breaks with the monotony of cleanly ordered lines, offering a different face from every angle. At the same time, the central column provides a symmetry and solidity that supports and reinforces the visual movement of the screen.

Marset Piola Suspension White LightForm blog
Marset’s new Piola suspension light

The Piola is available in four colors, with the structure and screen always in the same color to lend the fixture cohesion and unity. In this way, by contrast, the quality of the light takes center stage.

Pu-erh: The Delicate Light

Marset Pu-erh Suspension Still Life LightForm blogDesigned by Xavier Mañosa

The distinction of the new Pu-erh collection lies in its use of ceramics as material to yield a lamp with a delicate, fabric-like effect. Designer and ceramist Xavier Mañosa has created a texture, evoking pleated silk, which is then applied to a conical shade, casting a wide and beautiful ray of illumination.
Marset Pu-erh Suspension LightForm blog
Layers of delicate ceramic dance with light

The Pu-erh begins with a rough sketch, drawn by the hand of its designer. This sketch, with all its ridges and grooves, was applied directly to the ceramic mold, yielding a lamp whose irregular variations supply a raw, natural effect. This underlies the collection’s most essential aspect: the simplicity of its artisanal process. The craftsman barely intervenes, letting the lamp take shape naturally within the mold. Pu-erh is arresting in its simplicity and innovative in the transparency of its process.

This new collection of suspension lamps is available in three sizes—8, 12, and 16 inches—and a wide range of muted colours that allow you to appreciate the texture of the ceramic: black, white, blue, burgundy and pink. Dancing off the beautifully rippled underside of the shade, Pu-erh’s light is warm, pleasant, and playful.


Marset Sun Ceiling Light Still Life LightForm blogDesigned by Yonoh

The concept of Sun is inspired by the early hours dawn, when the light of the sun plays along the horizon as it begins to appear. The Yonoh Studio played with superimposing materials to achieve this effect, creating a light with a luminous glow that is capable of transporting us to that precise moment.

Marset Sun Ceiling Light LightForm blog
The new Sun ceiling & wall lights provide subtle but powerful illumination ideal for corridors 

The light that emanates from Sun creates a very special atmosphere, capturing our eyes and soothing our souls. It is a presence that brings personality and character to the space around it. The fixture’s design does not forget that its prominent place in the space necessitates a certain formal balance: it is simultaneously prominent yet understated, a point of interest that doesn’t steal the limelight.

A metal case and concave polycarbonate dish surround the LED light source, nestled in a blown-glass sphere. Each of Sun’s different materials reflects the light in its own way, much as what happens at the exact moment when the night’s darkness gives way to the light.

Connect with us to learn more about Marset’s new 2017 lighting collection. Coming soon to LightForm lighting showrooms across Canada.