The Spanish brand Marset is known to always have something intriguing up their sleeve. Their constant quest for new directions, combined with their curiosity and foresight into the future of lighting design, has long been the ethos of their brand. Their fixtures are clever and innovative, featuring the most stunning and unique finishes that pay homage to their humble beginnings as metal casters in the 1940s.

Their 2016 Collection is no exception – it is hypnotic, dynamic, reminiscent, striking, luminous, useful, and interactive. Here’s a closer glimpse into Marset’s latest masterpieces:

THEIA by Mathias Hahn


Inspired by the Greek goddess Theia – the mother of the sun, moon and dawn – this fixture merges both light and shadow in a single piece. Theia is unique in that it has two faces, which can be discovered by gently swivelling the light around its axis, shifting its perception. It can be pointed towards you as a reading or task lamp, or in the direction of an object or a wall for ambient light – either way, Theia creates a subtle effect of LED light that warms any space.


Theia’s design is also straightforward and uncomplicated: two half-spheres intersect one another – one placed horizontally; the other vertically. Just like in nature, when the sun creeps behind a cloud, these spheres project, reflect and absorb light into objects for the utmost in visual enjoyment.

Available in black or white, Theia can be adored in two formats:

  • Floor Lamp: 11.81″ diameter base x 45.83″ tall
  • Table Lamp: 11.81″ diameter base x 17.13″ tall


When designer Mathias Hahn set out to create this new lighting collection he began with the intention of designing a shadow instead of a light. Watch the video to learn more about his design process.



Blurring the line between sculptural art and functional lighting design, Concentric delivers dramatic visual interest to any space. Inspired by the way that colour reflects the sun’s light, this modern ceiling or wall fixture is crafted to harness the same power.

Made from powder coated steel, each tier boasts a white lacquered finish on the front with a vibrant, rich colour on the back. Whether Concentric is turned on or off, the colours have a hypnotic effect, especially when its energy-efficient LED bulbs brilliantly illuminate a dark room.

Marset Concentric wall sconce

Offered in a triad of colour combinations (Neon Corona, Warm Major and Cool Minor), Concentric is also available in three different sizes – an ideal choice for dramatic groupings:

  • Concentric Large: 101 x 17cm
  • Concentric Medium: 81 x 17cm
  • Concentric Small: 61 x 17cm

AURA by Joan Gaspar


Inspired by the simplicity and timelessness of a glass carafe, Aura is a decorative wall sconce that provides outstanding light while turned on, yet remains truly stunning when not illuminated. Its logical and contemporary design uses LED technology to achieve efficiency and subtlety, thus bathing the wall with a soft, luminous effect through its opalescent, transparent, or coloured blown-glass.


Measuring in at 17 x 9cm, Aura is an ideal size for groupings – place them on a wall in a random fashion or opt for a more linear design to showcase their seven vibrant colours:

  • Transparent
  • Transparent Smoked
  • Opal
  • Blue
  • Copper
  • Green
  • Violet


SUN by Yonoh


Sun is inspired by the early hours of dawn when the morning light dances along the horizon as it begins to appear over the earth below. Its design incorporates superimposing materials to achieve this effect, creating a light that is both luminous and reminiscent of a most soothing time of day.

Crafted from a metal case and concave polycarbonate dish surround, Sun’s energy-efficient LED light source is enhanced with the addition of a blown-glass sphere nestled inside the lamp, slightly off-centered. For a stunning effect, these sconces can be grouped together in various sizes to achieve a look that is part structural art, part lighting design.


Sun by Yonoh is available in black and white.

No.8 by Christophe Mathieu


A sensual reading lamp that seduces both sight and touch, No. 8 fulfils a number of roles – it’s easy to handle, durable, beautiful, and energy-efficient with LED lights. The wooden sphere of the No. 8’s lampshade is handcrafted to ensure the uniqueness of each fixture. Its smooth, gleaming texture has the quality and glossy feel of a billiard ball, while its flexible, fabric-covered arm offers versatility and range of use.

Marset N8 wall light oak blog

Designed to be placed at the bedside for late-night reading, No. 8 is sure to add comfort and function to any room or reading nook. Measuring in at 11 x 6 x 3cm, it is available in two wood finishes – natural oak (above) or wenge (pictured bedside above).

GINGER by Joan Gaspar

Constructed out of sheets of natural oak or wenge wood, paper, and resins, which are pressed together to create an almost flat laminate, the Ginger  LED collection discreetly illuminates spaces with its indirect light. It’s a collection that has expanded over time to include a number of lighting solutions, such as pendant, table, wall, and floor lamp versions. For 2016, Marset continued this tradition by adding the following pieces to the already stunning collection:


Measuring in at 20cm in diameter, the new Ginger LED suspension lamp offers a smaller size, ideal for areas that need a small point of light or great for creating clusters.


The Ginger Wall version with arm is a perfect light for next to the bedside, casting off just the right amount of LED illumination for late-night reading. At 16 x 21cm in size, its low-profile design is both unobtrusive and remarkably sleek.


For the absolute in ease, the portable LED table version of Ginger uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to light areas without worry of cords or electrical outlets. Measuring 30cm tall with a 14 cm diameter base, its compact size won’t compromise valuable surface space.


The new Ginger LED wall sconces, which are simple in their design, are available in three sizes:

  • 60C: 24″ diameter & 6.46″ off the wall
  • 42C: 17″ diameter & 5.04″ off the wall
  • 32C: 13″ diameter & 3.66″ off the wall

They can also be ordered in sets of two or three, which are ideal for eye-catching groupings. The inside of the lampshade is offered in three finishes (white, oak, and wenge), which yield different shades of light – each one special in their own right.

SOHO by Joan Gaspar

Marset Soho38 pendants

Inspired by statement lighting pieces commonly found in markets, taverns, and cafeterias, Soho is crafted from rotation-moulded polyethylene, which allows for a range of sizes to suit various applications and installations.


Previously, the Soho collection was offered in diameters of 57 and 112cm – but now, with the release of Marset’s latest collection, a new 38cm diameter is available, which is more appropriate for smaller spaces and applications. A new outdoor floor lamp completes the Soho collection, as do two new colour choices: sand and sky blue.


POLO by Joan Gaspar


The fluidity of its movements and total stability make Polo a fitting light source that can be moved anywhere without cluttering your desk or taking up too much space. Its integrated LED light can be directed with the utmost precision, while still being focused, warm, and useful.

Crafted with a diffuser made from injected aluminium, Polo also features arms and built-in swivel joints that are milled from an aluminium block, as well as a useful rotary switch located in the upper part of the headstock.


Available in both black and white, Polo’s two formats can be equipped with a range of accessories, including a table base, a clamp, a wall bracket, and a small table accessory for the floor lamp version:

  • Floor Lamp: 46×10”
  • Table Lamp: 17×7”


From deep-rooted Greek mythology to forward-thinking futurist design, Marset’s 2016 Collection stretches the mind and senses with the perfect balance of technical precision and unbounded creativity.

It’s a truly spectacular collection – one that is available for your enjoyment in LightForm showrooms across Canada. Come and experience these lights in person, or connect with us to learn more about Marset’s lighting collections.